Custom Game & Fish Processing



Turn your hard earned catch into the finest smoked products available. We offer hot smoked kippered, cold smoked lachs (lox), and smoked salmon strips (similar to 'squaw candy'). Each fillet is brined and smoked with exacting detail to produce a delectable mouth-watering treat that you will be proud to share with family and friends.

See all of the options available for fish processing!

Get the highest quality custom game processing available. Traditional old world recipes turn your hard earned game meat into gourmet sausages like our famous polish sausage, hunter sticks, Cajun hot links, and Mooseroni. We pride ourselves on our quality products and exceptional customer service and guarantee all our products.

See all of the options available for game processing!



We will gladly ship your smoked fish or processed game to you,
your family or friends in the lower 48.


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