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Alaska Sausage and Seafood Company was founded in Anchorage, Alaska in 1963. Initially our company was well known for our processed game meats. For the hunters, moose, caribou, and deer were trimmed, boned, aged, and processed into steaks, roasts, and sausages with particular efforts made to create products of the highest quality.

Today this process continues and our company has since evolved to include a distinctive variety of products handled with the same care and attention to detail. Our popular line of delicious smoked salmon has become part of our tradition of quality. Each filet is hand selected, uniquely seasoned, and is well monitored during the smoking process to ensure that the moistness and rich flavor of the fish remains intact.

This extraordinary regard for detail, and the challenge of providing quality products to you, is what Alaska Sausage and Seafood was founded on and what it is known for today. It is our tradition and our promise to you.

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No. 1 All Reindeer
Our Price: $49.99
Smoked Salmon Whole Side
Our Price: $35.60
No. 2 Sourdough
Our Price: $64.99
Smoked Salmon Pieces
Our Price: $15.71
German Brand Bratwurst
Our Price: $9.49
No. 3 Hatcher Pass
Our Price: $74.99
No. 4 Denali
Our Price: $78.99
No. 5 Mt. McKinley
Our Price: $134.99
No. 11 The Great Alaskan
Our Price: $189.99
No. 7 Smoked Fish Sampler
Our Price: $74.99
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